Research and priorities

We looked at competitor websites, spoke to the board about their priorities for the business and investigated website pain points by talking to Customer Services and Sales representatives.

Then we held a five hour MoSCoW workshop with developers and mapped out a table of user stories, based on personas built around internal discussion.


We ranked user stories by priority, UX cost and Dev cost.

Information & interaction design

We drafted a new information architecture, running product card sorts with our internal sales staff and commercial partners. Then we were able to design a preliminary sitemap.

We sketched concepts for the new website, building on the current layout with improvements where needed.

Then low fidelity wireframes were designed using InVision.

Project: website redesign

The Specac website hadn't been updated since 2008. It was dated, wasn't optimised for mobile and had a confusing information architecture.


We used Basecamp to keep track of the project and update each other on the various elements being researched and designed.

We also used the comments feature in InVision to review and respond to individual website features.

Responsive prototypes

Various prototypes of mobile menus and pages were created and tested.

High fidelity prototypes

Brand colours and documents informed the colour palette.

High fidelity prototypes, also built in InVision, were created.

Stakeholders at board level were involved in reviewing these.

Then static HTML versions were constructed. From Static, versions were built onto a Test server and then a Staging server. Ultimately, a soft-launch was published onto Live.


My thoughts

This was an Agile web development project, where designs and functionality points were iteratively worked through carefully but quickly.

However, we did not carry out sophisticated testing. Test subjects were internal staff and close commercial connections. I would like to have recruited users to test the various features and pages, pre-live.

After going live, I did carry out extensive research and testing. Using insights gained from this, I have made multiple improvements to the website's usability and achieved impressive success metrics. I explore these improvements in other case studies.

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